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For the ease of advertising in Ghana. Join the club.
As a young business owner, do you sometimes wish it was your advert that was running between those shows you watch on TV? Do you wish to hear your business name over the radio? Do you wish it was within financial reach or within your budget? Well, how does getting free and heavily discounted TV, Radio and other media adverts for your business sound? If it sounds good then please join the Advert Shopping Club!
This is like a movement telling the media houses “look we need affordable air-time and space for serious young businesses, and you need consumers”.
With our numbers, the media houses know we are for real. Members mean business. The media houses are giving us some super discounted and free offers. The free advertisement are distributed to members in a rolling random basis (raffle). So everyone stands a chance to get advertised on radio, TV and news papers free!
The discounts also make it more affordable to advertise on these media as well.
Is there a better way to find TV, radio & newspaper advertisement promos and offers than though Advert Shopping Club? The answer is NO. Advert Shopping Club offers a platform where you can choose between media houses and advert offers at a discount. is purposefully designed for this.
Are you lost/tired of searching for an advertising package that matches your budget? Well then enjoy the massive advert discounts at
…well the search is over. No more weight on your shoulder.
No need to flip through channels and hop through town searching for the best deals from a media houses.
Advertise with ease on advertshopping…
Find packages matching your budget. Discover TV stations, radio stations and newspaper publishers within your target region and tailor your own TV, radio or newspaper advertisement plan to your specific needs using our online tool.
Find content producers to match your budget as well.
All this through our user-friendly-platform. … get advertising access to any media house across the country.
If you need a service, let members help you out. Advert Shopping Club has a business directory of all members grouped under the various services they offer. Contact them and benefit from this amazing club. Now you can find any service provider right here in your club! is a marketplace and website of Advert Shopping Limited (registered in Ghana) for advertisement package shoppers and clients seeking tv stations, radio stations, newspapers and other media types as well as media content creators at a discount. AdvertShopping is a specialized search engine for the ease of advertising in Ghana as well as a business directory of registered members and services.

We are currently located in the capital city of Accra, Ghana and serve all media houses and consumers in Ghana.

The objective is to progressively sign on media houses and aid businesses reach the consumer with their products more easily. We aim to make advertising and marketing more exciting. Do you want a media house on board? let us know.

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How it works?

We have implemented a search filter for the shopping page with which you can easily choose your ad interest (tv, radio etc), your preferred location, station, time, duration and other fine details of the package you desire.

Just head on to the shop page or use the menu “advertise on” to select your medium and follow the interface to find the perfect advert space and offers that match your specifications such as your budget etc. You can also visit our support page for more guidelines on using

  • Intuitive search engine and tool

    Easily find what you need by filtering through loads of content with our unique search filter configured for ease of use.

  • Save Travel Cost

    Save yourself the trouble of travelling and running around the city looking for media houses, it is all in one place on

  • Access Advert Producers

    After buying advert space, you need someone to produce your advert if you have not done that already. Well we help you with that too. Just click on ‘shop’ and on ‘advert producers’.



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