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Mrs. Stacy

If you’re sick of the old running around town from media house to media house looking for deals on advertising packages then AdvertShopping is for you. It is all you will ever need!

Mr. Lefty

I have always wanted to advertise on conventional media for my startup business, however, this has always felt intimidating visiting an ad agency and roaming the media houses until I chanced on advertshopping, the one stop marketplace for all my advert needs.

Mr. Boss

It’s a pretty new concept and I was wondering if the idea would catch on especially in competition with the large advertisement agencies being a major competitor. I am totally convinced now!

Mrs. Blue

It is amazing what these people have done! We bought our advert slots from them and quickly found content creators to assist us produce the adverts. It all was so simple.

Mrs. Pretty

I never imagined looking to purchase advertisement slots could be any fun but AdvertShopping proved me very wrong. It is so refreshing to be able to isolate exactly what you need.

Mr. Righty

It could be faster but it sure beats trudging around town looking for media houses and their offers. I will take this any day!
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