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AdvertShopping has been painstakingly designed for ease of use and practicality. Several years of conceptualization has allowed for the most practical and efficient use of existing open source technology to create a most accessible solution to a common business problem, advertising on TV, Radio and other media.

Everything in One Place

An extensive number of media house and types, growing daily. AdvertShopping has signed on TV stations, FM stations, Newspapers, social media, popular website and SMS providers as well as media content producers  so you can purchase your ad spaces and quickly get them produced!

Secure, Reliable and Guaranteed

Service Guaranteed! AdvertShopping allows to pay for advert slots that are guaranteed to be redeemable from the media house that sold the advert. AdvertShopping has partnered with the media houses to bring you the best and problem-free service!

AdvertShopping Features #1

  • Intuitive accessible and complete way of finding media adverts.
  • Unique media filter makes search a breeze.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly. And highly adaptive system design.
  • 100s of service providers and growing daily. More media houses sign on each day.
  • Affordable offers and the best deals on the market are guaranteed.

AdvertShopping Features #2

  • Fast! User friendly and intuitive interface to find what you are looking for easily.
  • Keep track of your orders, purchases, advertisement or campaigns results and reports.
  • Clarifies advertisement requirements for easy understanding
  • Improved accessibility to media houses. From the comfort of your home and office.
  • Improved access to consumers of media advertisement products.

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Dynamic, Stylish and Flexible

No longer the need to run around town from media house to media house or settle for expensive offers from the tradition advertising firms. Experience something new.

Great Discounts, Flexible Offers

You don’t need to settle for rigid pricing schemes. Find the best offer that matches your budget.

Included Guides, Support and Live Chat

We have not left you to figure it all out by yourself, neither do we leave any challenges unattended. Our multilevel support system ensures that customers get the best user experience and are able to get the needed assistance always!

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AdvertShopping is truly awesome!

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I ran a start-up and it has been ultimately challenging to advertise on conventional media like Newspaper, TV and Radio. They are inaccessible and the information online is scanty. AdvertShopping made it possible to easily get access to the advert packages from the media houses!


SME Shopping Services
AdvertShopping is God send. We were looking to advertise and everywhere we passed were handed expensive bundle packages. Our search brought us to advertshopping. It was pretty straightforward and easy to use  to select offers according to our budget.

Haddock Properties

A Real Estate Agency
It is really refreshing to have an efficient easy to use solution for finding advert packages. We thought it would be challenging but the experience was quite interesting!


Unbelievable service, totally refreshing. Will recommend it!


Beautiful, just beautiful experience. Didn’t expect buying ad space to be this easy. Genius idea. Thanks AdvertShopping!

Enacent Limited

A drilling and construction company
In our search for a media house, we found this amazing website with all the media houses and affordable advert space pricing for tv stations. It was quite like nothing we have seen before. It is amazing.




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